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"Geoff Lee at Focus Dental, Devonport, is a top quality dentist. I have been his patient for many years. He has a calm, reassuring manner, good humour, and provides expert and efficient treatment. I highly recommend Geoff and his great team." - Brenda

"Focus Dental certainly make me feel comfortable and at ease with each visit and the staff are always very pleasant and helpful. There definitely isn't the pre-visit tension that we remember from years gone by in the waiting room. I certainly recommend Geoff and his team for any of your dental treatments." - Brendon Ham

"If you break out in a sweat at the thought of going to the dentist, then believe me, Geoff Lee at Focus Dental is the man for you. I'm an ex dental nurse and so I've had tons of experience both in the chair and beside it and I wouldn't go to anyone else for my dental needs. Not only is Geoff an amazing practitioner but he really is concerned about the comfort and general welfare of the patient. He gives local anaesthetic so painlessly that you don't notice the needle which is a huge plus and he constantly checks that you are 'feeling ok' during every procedure. He's been our family dentist for over 20 years and we just wouldn't consider going anywhere else. We actually enjoy our how many people can honestly say that?" - Marpet

"Geoff is nothing short of a brilliant Dentist, who has looked after my pearly whites with great care and expertise for very many years - I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. He's also a lot of fun, so the experience is pain free and enjoyable - the dental chair is luxuriously appointed, with one of the sweetest views in Auckland.

Maintain that lovely smile..." - Jenny Nicholls (Jen of Devonport. )

"I have been a patient of Dr Geoff Lee for close to 8 years. My experience with Dr Lee has given me total confidence in his professional judgment.

His primary objective has been to ensure my teeth are maintained to give them the longest possible, trouble free life. Dr Lee keeps me well informed of any imminent changes and offers practical advice regarding how I should deal with any of my dental health issues. I totally value Dr Lee's advice and can unreservedly recommend his professional dental services to anyone seeking practical and economical dentistry. On top of that, Geoff is also an extremely pleasant person to deal with." - paul.shanahan1

"Long forgotten are unhappy memories of fillings-fixated school dental nurses, maybe the fault of training. Now I almost look forward to what awaits me in that chair from the gifted and humorous dentist Geoff and his caring staff. (Barb43, North Shore)" - Barb43