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How often should I go?
Focus Dental recommends every 6 months . Or 12 monthly, if you have few fillings and good gums. So it’s always best to be pro-active, to minimize surprises and major problems.

How often do I need x-rays?
Your new dentist prefers to take full records at the first visit – xrays allow us to screen for any issues between the teeth under old fillings, or in the jaw around the root tips.
Also to check any wisdom problems 

Do I need my old metal fillings replaced?
Silver amalgam is harder than tooth so cause stress line fractures over time under heavy bite forces.
White composite in its place will be gentler to the dentition when eating; thus preventing risk of teeth sensitivity or cusp fractures.
Note, larger fillings may be better restored with lab-made ceramic onlays/crowns to prevent tooth cracking and potential loss.

I’m pregnant, do I need to go?
Yes, and preferably before you have the baby; because you’ll be too tired to come soon after!
Note, xrays are not advised. Also, any treatment needs are deferred, unless urgent.